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Marketing Solutions for Growing Businesses

Full-service marketing for fast business growth.

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We’re passionate about marketing the way you’re passionate about your business. We help you grow by reaching people who need your product or service with our proven and specific marketing ideas.

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or a CEO, our work is about you and your vision. And having fun on the way.

Faith Warren

Founder, Kompaso

I was practically born an entrepreneur. Both my parents own businesses, and so do my four brothers. At age ten I started working in the office of my dad’s construction company. You could say it’s just in my genes; I understand the challenges of running a business.

Now is an exciting time to work in marketing. People have a renewed desire to connect and know the people behind the products they buy. Technology allows us to combine creativity and authentic storytelling more effectively than ever before to engage customers and inspire employees.

When passion and business come together, everybody benefits. More loyal customers mean more satisfaction and profit for you. Let Kompaso help you build the business you want.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Working with Kompaso was painless. They were receptive to our ideas, combining them with their expertise and creativity. Their enthusiasm and passion made them especially fun to work with! Our updated website constantly saves us time and money. Their help in updating our lead management process was invaluable. We enjoy working with Kompaso and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Vincent Debrock

Co-owner, Heritage Tree Care

We help businesses succeed every day:

  • Complete Marketing Strategies

  • Full-Service Design

  • Direct Marketing

  • Marketing Project Management

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Capitalization

  • Social Media

  • PPC & Google Ad Campaigns

  • SEO & Local Search

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What does Kompaso mean?

Kompaso (/kəmˈpɑˈsō/) means “compass” in Esperanto. Just like the language created to simplify communication between cultures, Kompaso was created to help you connect with people who need your product in a simple and efficient way. We help businesses set a sight on their ultimate destination, and figure out the best way to get there.

Why Choose Kompaso?

At Kompaso, we craft every marketing strategy to fit the specific needs of each client. Just as a great chef prepares a one-of-a-kind meal and a craftsman hand-finishes each piece; we shape our work to fit what your business needs.

You expect the best from yourself and your business; don’t settle for less with your marketing. It matters.

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